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The Montbello Organizing Committee (MOC) is a volunteer group of residents primarily from the Montbello neighborhood. The core group of MOC is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, group of individuals including African American, Mexican-American, Cuban-American, and Caucasian.

MOC’s community engagement phase began the Fall of 2014 with a Pre-Thanksgiving gathering of community members. Labeled Turkey and Tamales, a feast was held that launched our efforts to identify issues to address within the community and pinpoint leaders and emerging leaders to work together to address them. At the Turkey and Tamales event, MOC leaders gained input from over 80 residents about pressing issues in the community. We conducted another 300 questionnaires with community members, in both English and Spanish, to determine issues that needed to be addressed.

In a meeting in January 2015 we prioritized the issues. The issues that rose to the top were:

Montbello’s Retail and Economic Development,

Transportation, and

Community Enhancement

Since then, we have been working together to systematically address priority issues such as the need to combat our status as a registered food desert, advocate for accessible public transportation and revitalize the neighborhood. MOC has developed Task Teams for each of these issues.