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Mission Statement

The goal of the MOC transportation task team is to take steps that will ultimately ensure that the Montbello residents have access to transit offerings that link to their needs for housing, healthy food, education, and employment.


To create a space where the Montbello community can obtain accurate information of the changes proposed in the East & I-225 Rail Corridors Service Plan, to organize and empower the Montbello residents to advocate for accessible public transportation in Montbello in such a way that they can collaborate on a Service Plan that does not disproportionately affect the community, with RTD.

Past Projects

  • BBQ and Canvass Kick Off
    • Community event to better understand the needs of the residents around the issue of transportation through the use of a survey, as well as, building a stronger sense of community through a free BBQ among neighbors, riders, and new friends.
BBQ Canvass Kick Off

BBQ Canvass Kick Off on July 18th @Montbello

Future Projects

  • Kitchen Table Talks
    • Are public meetings to further identify the pulse of the community around the issue of transportation, as well as, educate residents about the proposed East & I-225 Rail Corridors Preliminary Service Plan..
  • Pancake Breakfast, Transit Tour
    • MOC in partnership with RTD Director Barbara Deadwyler, RTD staff,  and  Denver Transit Partners will host a Bus tour of the East Line and Montbello routes with proposed discontinuation of service, Pancake breakfast and Q & A forum on Saturday, October 10th at 10 am (pick up at United Church of Montbello)