Montbello in Action

What's Happening Montbello?

Welcome to the Montbello Organizing Committee landing page. This site is full of information about the groudbreaking work taking place in the Greater Montbello Community. There are ways for every resident to get involved and start working on improving our community! Below you'll find quick links to some of the major projects happening in Montbello.

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The FreshLo Hub

A Community-Driven Vision for Healthy Food, Cultural Arts, Equitable Economic Development, and Affordable Housing.

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Montbello Solutions

A Community focused approach to clinical and holistic mental health services for youth and adults.

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The Walkable Loop

The walkable loop is a “healthy living loop” that connects community gardens and parks, and the FreshLo Hub with improved sidewalks, and street crossings, and bike lanes.

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Food Access

Access to healthy options is one of the priorities of Montbello Organizing Committee. Learn about the Food Drives, Community Gardening and pop-up markets. 

Galvanizing Montbello residents and providing them with the tools and resources necessary to develop their leadership skills so that they can proactively address the issues affecting their community and quality of life.