Social Justice Advocacy

Social Justice Advocacy

In response to historic challenges our community is facing, we've come together to begin building an anti-racist/inclusion excellence framework that is co-created with partner organizations and the broader community. Our goal is to create a framework that organizations can use to ensure they're doing their work more equitably and commitments our neighborhood can hold itself accountable to.  We are also working in specific areas that affect our community:

Racial Justice Framework:  Co-creating a framework for organizations in Montbello in order to create spaces for ALL to participate

Affordable Housing: Housing as become a luxury in Denver, with many residents unable to afford market price rent

Education Reform: We advocate for equitable education for students in Montbello

Food Sovereignty: Working with policymakers we advocate for food access systems that include a continuum of charitable food systems to sustainable sovereignty. 

Social Justice Advocacy


Racial Justice Framework

Be a part of the change. Learn how you can join the conversation on building a racial justice framework that has to potential of being a statewide model for inclusion and diversity. 

Affordable Housing (FreshLo Hub)

The FreshLo Hub will house 90 Affordable Housing Units. Learn more about this project and how this community driven development will become state of the art community engagement complex in the Montbello Community. 

Education Reform

We advocate for equitable education for students in Montbello. MOC works very closely with Denver Public Schools as a key collaborator in their reimagining Montbello process, SRO conversations, and the Superintendent Search. We serve as the bridge for students and families and work to bring DPS to communities' tables. 

- Reimaging Montbello: co-creating the new Montbello High School
- School Network Collective: building bridges between schools and their communities by acting a bridges for information, programming, and supports (in development)