Health and Safety

Health and Safety
Initiatives in Montbello

Supporting neighbors in accessing a long, full life by supporting their overall wellbeing. Currently we work with government officials, hospitals, and health departments to provide accurate and complete information on the latest COVID19 guidance.  Other wellness initiatives include:

COVID 19 Vaccination and Testing site activations

Montbello Solutions community driven mental health programs for clinical and holistic needs

Youth Safe Zones activated to give youth something to do that is safe and productive

FreshLo Farm-School Network focused on growing food locally for healthy bodies and minds

RISE Network is a group of community partners that have come together to address youth and gang violence in FNE Denver

Health and Safety in Montbello


COVID 19 Vaccination and Testing Sites

Click here for easy access to reliable information about COVID19 and where you can get Vaccinated/tested in the Montbello Community.  

Montbello Solutions - Mental Health Support

Your Health Matters.  Montbello Solutions is a community driven approach to wellness - both clinical and holistic. There are eight partners in the Montbello Solutions Network and over 15 culturally relevant providers, therapists and counselors.  Learn more about how you can get involved. There is something for every person. 

Youth Safe Zones

Youth Safe Zones are a fun and productive atmosphere for youth to engage with each other with community supervision.  The Safe Zones are interactive with music, video gaming, outdoors activities, food, and youth appropriate interaction! Learn more about Youth Safe Zone activations in 2021. 

RISE Network

RISE Network is a group of dedicated organizations in Montbello who have come together to develop youth violence intervention methods and supports. Partners include Montbello Organizing Committee, Struggle of Love Foundation, Families Against Violent Acts, District 5 Denver Police Department and others.