Cycling Incentives Program

To further encourage and reward our riders, we have implemented the Cycling Incentives Pilot Program. This program allows you to earn $1 for every mile you ride on our e-bikes, with the opportunity to earn up to a maximum of $1000. Not only do you get to enjoy the freedom and excitement of exploring Montbello on two wheels, but you also have the chance to earn substantial incentives as you pedal.

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As you accumulate miles, you can track your progress and see your achievements grow. The Cycling Incentives Pilot Program is our way of recognizing your commitment to sustainable transportation and a healthier lifestyle. It's a win-win situation – you stay active, reduce your carbon footprint, and have the opportunity to earn rewards of up to $1000.

Join us in embracing the supportive services, engaging programs, and exciting incentives available through the Electric Bike Library. Together, we can create a thriving cycling community in Montbello and make a positive impact on our environment and well-being. Start pedaling towards a greener future and be rewarded for your efforts.