Building Community Wealth

The Montbello Organizing Committee’s (MOC) Building Community Wealth initiative was created to work with residents in the Greater Montbello Area (GMA) to develop an economic system that puts their voices first. Building Community Wealth is a catalyst for change - creating viable solutions for the community residing in the 80239 and 80249 zip codes to thrive, not just live, in Montbello. The intent is to provide employment and ownership opportunities for residents, combat gentrification, and create pathways to sustain generational wealth.


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Kwon Atlas
Building Community Wealth Director

Leonardo Lopez
Building Community Wealth Program Coordinator

Maria Alcocer
Building Community Wealth Community Specialist

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Entrepreneurship Foundations

The Building Community Wealth Entrepreneurship Foundations curriculum is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and confidence they need to launch and sustain their own businesses. During the 12-week program, participants will be immersed in a supportive environment and fully comprehensive business training experience. Participants will graduate with knowledge on the following topics: marketing and research, credit and financing, planning for business success, and more

Career & Workforce Development

Building Community Wealth's career & workforce development initiative helps job seekers prepare for and find career worthy pathways.

Financial Planning & Home Ownership

Home ownership is a gateway to establishing generational wealth and with the proper financial planning, it's possible for anyone to own a home.

Building Community Wealth Curriculum

Participants attend two sessions per week over a 12-week period. One session is focused on classroom learning and the second session is a hands-on learning session during which students can utilize the computer lab and get one-to-one assistance from instructors. At the end of the 12-week program, each student will have developed a comprehensive business plan.

Classroom sessions focus on the following curriculum:

  • Attributes for Success
  • Planning for Business Success
  • Business Research
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management & Operations
  • Credit & Financing
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Model and Plan Development


Montbello Organizing Committee offers three 12-week educational sessions annually. Each session is limited to 10 participants. In order to provide tailored coursework, sessions may be focused on individuals from a common background and one Spanish-language session is offered each year. The cost of the 12-week session is $200 and scholarships are available following completion of the program. In addition, certain classes can be audited for a fee of $25 per class. To apply for a future session of Building Community Wealth, please complete the application form.

Building Community Wealth Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

​In an effort to highlight the voice of Montbello, Building Community Wealth relies on the knowledge and lived experience of an advisory committee composed of residents and stakeholders. Individuals involved in this endeavor have been asked to elaborate on the needs of Montbello residents and the obstacles that prevent residents (predominately people of color) from achieving success within their community. The task of the committee is to create a blueprint for success that will lay the foundation for small business owners and prospective homeowners seeking support.


Montbello Organizing Committee is thankful to the local and national organizations that have provided funds and resources for Building Community Wealth. Additional funds are needed to continue to grow the program and provide training and resources to Montbello residents to further business employment and ownership opportunities, combat gentrification and create pathways to sustain generational wealth. To learn more or make a donation, email [email protected]


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