Acceso a Alimentos en la Comunidad de Montbello

Trabajando para brindar una variedad de opciones de alimentos para una comunidad que se esfuerza por ser saludable

Creando Acceso a Los Alimentos en Montbello


Despensa Móvil de Alimentos en Montbello

1er y 3er Jueves de cada Mes. Centro Recreativo de Montbello: 15555 E. 53rd Ave., Denver, CO 80239


Mercado de Agricultores de Montbello

Todos los Sábados - Termina Agosto 28th, 2021
9:00a.m. A 12:00 del Mediodía (Configuración a las 7:30 a.m.)
Sitio Futuro del Centro de FreshLo
12300 Albrook Drive
Denver, CO 80239
Formulario de Vendedor

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El Centro de FreshLo

Obtenga más información sobre el sitio del Centro de FreshLo y los recursos impulsados por la comunidad que llegarán a Montbello. El Centro de FreshLo albergará una tienda de comestibles, un espacio comercial, unidades de vivienda asequibles y un complejo de artes.
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Healthy Foods for Denver Kids Programs

Montbello Organizing Committee is in collaboration with Health Food for Denver Kids to provide access and information around health foods and its impact on children, families, and their daily lives. The goal is to empower families to make decisions around their health and utilizing food as a tool to manage their health. In partnership with the Consumption Literacy Project, Children’s Farm in Action, School Garden Partners, Home Gardeners and local food pantries, we aim to create a Montbello Food Network.

For more information please contact
Nicole MIllan: [email protected]


Montbello Spiral Garden

The Sprial Garden is a community project supported by the Consumption Literacy Project and the Children’s Farms of America. The garden space was gifted for community use by the United Church of Montbello and is located behind the Montbello Urban Farm. The Sprial Grarden is open to the public as an activated space for adults and children to engage in farm to table gardening experiences.

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm
United Church of Montbello
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Montbello Urban Farm(s)

The Montbello Urban Farm is a community farm supported by Children's Farms of America to provide healthy options to families. The farm's harvest can be accessed at the Montbello Farmer's Market. The urban farm space is located at the United Church of Montbello.  Other farming projects are activated around Montbello at participating schools, and individual residences.

Voluntarios Destacados

Latoya Erskine - Mobile Pantry Coordinator

Latoya Erskine


How has this resource been received by the community, especially during the pandemic?
"It has been received positively, in terms of being very much needed. Montbello is a food desert and with the pandemic the need increased. We are feeding in the non-summer months in the thousands. It’s a vulnerable time and having it being mobile has helped during the pandemic. Anyone is welcome."

Have there been any instances where you have felt the work at the food distribution has made significant change in the life of the volunteers/community members?
"Our volunteers are awesome, they have stuck with us for so many food pantry’s. They helped me a lot, because when I started I was really new to it and all our veteran volunteers were able to guide me to show me how it was working. Some volunteers need food themselves and its really cool to see that they are in need but they also provide for others in need. One of our volunteers is a pastor and knows a lot of familes that arent able bodies, are elderly, don’t have cars, so on and so forth and hell take food boxes after the food pantrys to deliver these food boxes himself. "

What other resources or connections have been offered at this food distribution?
"We partner with many organizatons and non-profits and we allow them to share information such as educational resources, we also have the childrens meal that comes in and kids get extra food. Recently, 7 News has come in and give away free books including Spanish. We have also been giving away reusable bags now that they don’t have to pay the extra .10 cents at grocery stores. These bags are stuffed with other resources on where to find more food like the Struggle of Love who has a daily food pantry. We also partnered with Denver Health they gave out free flu shots and information about COVID testing. "

Why is it so important for neighbors to show up and participate?
"It comes down to being a family, these are the people you live next to and being a good neighbor. Understanding that everyone is going to be in a time of need and that as a community we can come together and create a network and something that is stable then we can be stronger together. Like Pastor Eldon Ron who shares information and is so connected with so many people in the neighborhood and seeing all the families that have came together has helped Montbello not drown in this pandemic."

How can people volunteer or help the food distribution?
"They can email me directly, they can visit MOC on social media pages. We are always looking some extra hands and help. Struggle of Love is always looking for extra help. We are also having a biweekly market which where we will need volunteers too. Our vendors will be from fresh food, to food trucks, and resources in Montbello."

People Served Each Pantry
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Q: ¿Por qué es importante este trabajo para usted?

A:  Está cerca de mi casa y con la pandemia hubo más necesidad e impacto. Cada vez más personas están aprendiendo sobre el programa y asistiendo.


Q:  What have you learned from being a volunteer?

A: The brotherhood and solidarity it creates. All of the volunteers are a family.


Q: ¿Qué le diría a cualquiera que busque ser voluntario en la Distribución de Alimentos?

A:  Not everyone can be a volunteer because they have a job, but if they can, there is a lot of necessity in our community and it is a good feeling to help. It is a great program and rain or shine, we are here helping.