Soluciones de Montbello

Montbello Solutions es una colaboración de bienestar impulsada por la comunidad de organizaciones, proveedores y profesionales de bienestar integral decididos a abordar las necesidades de salud mental de la comunidad.

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Servicios Comunitarios de Soluciones de Montbello

Ofrecemos apoyos grupales sin costo para miembros de la comunidad. Hay reuniones continuas y reuniones de grupo a corto plazo, además del apoyo clínico y holístico.
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Montbello Solutions is a one of a kind collaborative network comprised of partners organizations, and community service providers dedicated to bringing culturally relevant wellness options to the diverse Montbello Community and people of color. If you have a holistic wellness program that you would like to share with the community please fill out the PROVIDERS SERVICE PROPOSAL (linked below).


  • Envíe una propuesta de servicios la propuesta es un formulario en línea que permite a los proveedores resaltar el trabajo que les gustaría hacer en la comunidad y el impacto que su trabajo tendrá en las personas. Si la propuesta es aceptada, los proveedores deberán presentar el Memorando de Acuerdo junto con la documentación requerida.
  • Memorando de Acuerdo (Proveedores)- El MOA es el acuerdo oficial de servicios entre el Proveedor y el Comité Organizador de Montbello. Una vez que se envíe el MOA y la documentación asociada, estará en condiciones de recibir el pago por su servicio grupal.
  • Condiciones de pago- para recibir el pago de su grupo, los proveedores de servicios deben cumplir con las condiciones enumeradas en el MOA. Las 2 condiciones más importantes son 1) Provisión de documentación de ACCORD que enumere a Montbello Organizing Committee" como "Asegurado Adicionalmente" en su seguro de responsabilidad civil y 2) El reclutamiento de al menos 8 personas en su servicio grupal. (Los proveedores son responsables de su propio marketing y reclutamiento)
  • Soporte de marketing / reclutamiento- Montbello Solutions utiliza una plataforma llamada Mobilize que genera enlaces de registro en las redes sociales y permite a los anfitriones comunicarse con las personas de su grupo. Si desea utilizar esta plataforma para comercializar su servicio grupal, está disponible para los proveedores de la red.
  • Números de informes / Datos demográficos- como requisito de los financiadores de subvenciones de salud mental, somos responsables de recopilar información demográfica sobre las personas a las que servimos. (Este informe debe presentarse al final de la sesión de 6 semanas. Si el informe no se presenta, los proveedores no serán considerados para una segunda ronda de financiación)
  • Evaluaciones de los participantes: Como requisito de los financiadores, los proveedores deben recopilar encuestas de evaluación de los participantes del grupo. Esta encuesta ayuda a evaluar la satisfacción y la comodidad de un individuo con los programas de Montbello Solutions y su experiencia con los servicios grupales. (Las encuestas deben recopilarse de no menos del 80% de todos los participantes del grupo para recibir fondos para una segunda ronda)


Mobilize Link FLYER for IN OUR HEADS Series (4)
In Our Heads
Hosted by Tanya Does Hair LLC

Join us for conversations about a holistic approach to mental wellness. This series is designed for women and men, ages 25-65, who reside in Montbello or Northeast Denver communities.

The program is facilitated by Tanya Mason. Ms. Mason is a licensed professional, certified educator, and entrepreneur with over 21 years experience.

Enrollment is free. Each participant is expected to actively engage in discussions and activities to develop holistic strategies for better mental health.


=> 6-week program runs June 20 – August 1, 2022

=> 1-hour sessions per week

=> Printed Workbook

=> Wellness Basket upon completion ($50 value)

=> Certificate of Completion

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Virtual Yoga
Hosted by Power of Tr3

Yoga is a fundamental practice to incorporate in anyones routine because of the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. The practice is geared to safely and effectively guide students back to themselves, through asana (movement), meditation, and mindfulness.Yoga has been known to help release trauma, help with anxiety/depression, and mental health, as it’s focus is to silence the mind and to help you walk away feeling whole again. I specialize in teaching beginners yoga for BIPOC, in order to be sure the class, adjustments, and flows for us, our bodies are different and may need certain adjustments that aren’t accounted for in most yoga classes. My motto is if you have a body, yoga is for you! I teach any and all people, but I became a yoga teacher in order to bring it to the black and brown community. We bend so that we won’t break. I meet my students where they are and provide a space for them to release, relax, and restore. My goal is to make you better equipped to mentally tackle your day/night.

Fava Mobilize Template
Grief Support
Hosted by Families Against Violent Acts (FAVA)

The FAVA grief support group is an open support group that meets virtually (because of covid restrictions) on every Wednesday. The group is available to anyone who has suffered loss due to the death of a loved one. The group helps members to navigate their journey to healing by defining and sharing the stages of grief as well as allowing attendees to share their personal stories and ask questions regarding the exploration to healing.

We also discuss self care practices, learn about the physical and mental impacts of grief and provide external therapy resources (when requested).There are times when we expand our conversations to include topics such as health and wellness and self rediscovery.

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Struggle of Love Foundation Youth Programs

Struggle of Love Foundation is offering an Array of programs through the Love Center located on the 4th floor of Academy 360. 12000 E. 47th Ave. Denver ,CO 80239. 
Young Father's Workshop
Mentor and Leadership
Music Therapy
Rocky Mountain Soldierz Youth Sports Program
The Whimsical Factory of Global Thinkers
Kids Kreation's
Anime Comic Book
Learning Lab

A1R template
Artists as 1st Responders
Hosted by Colorado Black Arts Movement

Calling All Artists 18yrs and Older!  The Colorado Black Arts Movement (CBAM) is piloting the Artists As 1er Responders Initiative the summer of 2021.  The Artist As 1st Responders Initiative is an innovative collaborative that will allow artists to work towards obtaining health certifications, while expanding the impact of the arts on addressing the trauma being experienced in Denver, CO and specifically the Montbello community.  The Artists As 1st Responders will address the disproportionate health and wellness access and treatments that have plagued our community and many like it throughout the United States and around the world.  The application process will open mid-May 2021.  Please check Colorado Black Arts Movement FB page for more information.

Girls Support Group Mobilize Template
Sugga & Spice Girls Support Group (13-17)
Hosted by Sonya Beauman

Sonya Beauman challenges young people to think independently, develop self-governance skills, and cultivate a love for all people. She has taught, tutored, volunteered, served on youth committees, advised, and worked with youth from diverse backgrounds for over 28 years. She is currently the CEO of Beauman’s 2ⁿᵈ Chance 4 Change, and Juvenile Program Coordinator for Aurora Municipal Court.

To ensure the success of children and youth she worked tirelessly to encourage youth to work cooperatively to problem-solve, debate, and reach conclusions, while standing beside them as a facilitator of knowledge, carefully orchestrating the process as they discover their interests, talents, and inspirations.

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Family Fun Wellness Friday (COMING SOON)
Hosted by Academy 360 & MOC

Family Fun - Wellness Friday Camp is a one day a week opportunity for families to join Academy 360 in a summer camp experience. At least one adult is required to accompany the children for 4 hours of fun - including lunch. Every Friday from 9am-1pm Academy 360 will open their doors to community wellness and family fun. Families will engage in physical activities promoting movement and healthy heartrates and then a fun activity that is good for the mind body and soul! This fun activity can be Art, Movement, Dance, Drumming, Yoga - Each week will be a new surprise!