Soluciones de Montbello

Montbello Solutions es una colaboración de bienestar impulsada por la comunidad de organizaciones, proveedores y profesionales de bienestar integral decididos a abordar las necesidades de salud mental de la comunidad.

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Servicios Comunitarios de Soluciones de Montbello

Ofrecemos apoyos grupales sin costo para miembros de la comunidad. Hay reuniones continuas y reuniones de grupo a corto plazo, además del apoyo clínico y holístico.
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Spiral Garden Mobilize Template
Spiral Garden Building & Wellness
Hosted by Austine A Luce

Gardening is a great way to focus your mental energy on something constructive and rewarding. Join community members every Monday from 4-5pm for a session of social distanced gardening. This is a great family event for individuals of all ages.

A1R template
Artists as 1st Responders
Hosted by Colorado Black Arts Movement

Calling All Artists 18yrs and Older!  The Colorado Black Arts Movement (CBAM) is piloting the Artists As 1er Responders Initiative the summer of 2021.  The Artist As 1st Responders Initiative is an innovative collaborative that will allow artists to work towards obtaining health certifications, while expanding the impact of the arts on addressing the trauma being experienced in Denver, CO and specifically the Montbello community.  The Artists As 1st Responders will address the disproportionate health and wellness access and treatments that have plagued our community and many like it throughout the United States and around the world.  The application process will open mid-May 2021.  Please check Colorado Black Arts Movement FB page for more information.

Circulo de Mujeres
Hosted by Angie Alvarado

Un Espacio para las mujeres continuen cultivando y fortaleciendo su resiliencia y su copacidad para prosperar en communidad.

Spanish Parenting Class
Regando Las Raices
Hosted by Angie Alvarado

Mi nombre es Angie Lorena y nací y crecí en el complejo y mágico país de Colombia. Me he dedicado a estudiar y comprender cómo el trauma sociopolítico, económico y racial contribuye al sufrimiento humano y cómo las personas trascienden experiencias de desesperanza, duelo, confusión y caos a través del autoconocimiento, la espiritualidad y el sentido de pertenencia. He servido a una amplia variedad de personas durante diez años, incluidos niñas, inmigrantes, adultas mayores y sobrevivientes de violencia sociopolítica y relacional. Como psicoterapeuta contemplativa, utilizo un enfoque terapéutico que incluye la atención plena y la aceptación incondicional hacia todo lo que surge en la experiencia humana. También creo firmemente que el aislamiento intensifica el impacto del trauma y que superar la adversidad es más fácil con el apoyo de una comunidad. Mi aspiración es acompañarte en el viaje continuo de redescubrir tu sabiduría interior y desarrollar tu inteligencia emocional. Juntas cultivaremos nuevas prácticas que te ayudarán a contactar diferentes formas de conciencia, bienestar, dignidad y serenidad. ¡Será un honor acompañarte en el baile de la vida!

Becoming for DACA Females
Hosted by Gemma Chacon, M.A

This group will use supportive culturally and linguistically specific supports to address transitioning from secondary to post-secondary opportunities for young Latina women seeking opportunities in the U.S. as they leave high school.

Substance Misuse Mobilize Template
Use, Misuse & Abuse: My Life is in My Hands
Hosted by Jordan Haley & Cassandra Gargia

This is a group for High School Students 15-18 years old who would like accurate information on the use/misuse/ abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Veterans Support Group
For Our Veterans
Hosted by Steven Harvey

This group will use supportive culturally specific supports to address grief and loss issues related to military service. Individuals will develop more effective communication, stress management, and grief resolution related to complex complicated trauma.

Express and Empower mobilize
Express and Empower African American Girls Group
Hosted by Jordan Haley

This group is focused on the healthy development and mindfulness for our young African American Girls. The girls will build awareness and understanding of emotions, learn and improve coping skills, increase self-efficacy and self-esteem, and gain skills for developmentally appropriate communication and expression. 

Emotional Emancipation Circle
Emotional Emacipation Circle
Hosted by Leona Ward, M.A. and Dr. Anthony P. Young

Imagine a world in which Black children can walk the streets without fear. A world in which all Black men, Women and children know how truly beautiful, lovable, capable, and worthy they are. A world in which all Black people are safe, valued, and free to soar. We can create that new world, but only if we free ourselves and our children from the burdensome and, too-often deadly, stereotypes grounded in the lie of White superiority and Black inferiority. This lie was first told centuries ago to justify the enslavement and colonization of African people and the exploitation of the African continent. The lie declared that Black people are “less than”—that we are not as human, beautiful, capable, intelligent, worthy, valuable, as White people. The lie created negative stereotypes and fostered unconscious biases that are still haunting us and our children today.

Girls Support Group Mobilize Template
Sugga & Spice Girls Support Group (13-17)
Hosted by Sonya Beauman

Sonya Beauman challenges young people to think independently, develop self-governance skills, and cultivate a love for all people. She has taught, tutored, volunteered, served on youth committees, advised, and worked with youth from diverse backgrounds for over 28 years. She is currently the CEO of Beauman’s 2ⁿᵈ Chance 4 Change, and Juvenile Program Coordinator for Aurora Municipal Court.

To ensure the success of children and youth she worked tirelessly to encourage youth to work cooperatively to problem-solve, debate, and reach conclusions, while standing beside them as a facilitator of knowledge, carefully orchestrating the process as they discover their interests, talents, and inspirations.

Fava Mobilize Template
Grief Support
Hosted by Families Against Violent Acts (FAVA)

The FAVA grief support group is an open support group that meets virtually (because of covid restrictions) on every Wednesday. The group is available to anyone who has suffered loss due to the death of a loved one. The group helps members to navigate their journey to healing by defining and sharing the stages of grief as well as allowing attendees to share their personal stories and ask questions regarding the exploration to healing.

We also discuss self care practices, learn about the physical and mental impacts of grief and provide external therapy resources (when requested).There are times when we expand our conversations to include topics such as health and wellness and self rediscovery.

Well Body flyer 2 class offerings
Well Body Class
Hosted by MHCD

A class for Adults where you will learn information and skills that can be used to build a healthy lifestyle. The activities in the class are designed to help participants define for themselves what it means to be healthy.

Facilitator Bio: Cassandra Garcia, Group Facilitator with the Healthy Living team through the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD). I have been with MHCD for 11 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health and I’m a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a Certified Addictions Specialist (CAS II). I love working with youth and young people. I currently teach Youth Mental Health First Aid to those working with children or youth. I have a great passion for facilitating prevention-education groups. In particular I like facilitating groups on well-being, living healthy, physical activity, social emotional skills, and life skills. I am married to a combat veteran and we have one dog and one cat. In my spare time, I like to play sports, work-out, travel, watch movies, read and root for the Denver Broncos.

SOLF_Logo Update
Struggle of Love Foundation Youth Programs

Struggle of Love Foundation is offering an Array of programs through the Love Center located on the 4th floor of Academy 360. 12000 E. 47th Ave. Denver ,CO 80239. 
Young Father's Workshop
Mentor and Leadership
Music Therapy
Rocky Mountain Soldierz Youth Sports Program
The Whimsical Factory of Global Thinkers
Kids Kreation's
Anime Comic Book
Learning Lab

What's Going On Sonya
What's Going On & What's Happening (Adults)
Hosted by Sonya Beauman

What's Going on & What's Happening is a co-ed support groups for adults looking to discuss local and national events in a fun and interactive setting. Bring your cocktails and your knowledge and join this group for adults! 

Mobilize Template-marissa Moore
Hosted by Marissa Moore

Led by a member of the QTBIPoC community, the hope is that this space will allow teens a safe and confidential space to come together to have open and honest discussions about challenges that are unique to QTBIPoC folx. Topics that may arise include but are not limited to: systemic injustice and oppression, understanding intersectionality, education, healthy relationship communication, faith and spirituality, building self-esteem and self-worth, and ways to resist and rise up to support communities of color. Living with multiple oppressed identities can be challenging, but finding a space where others can identify with these struggles can help. Join us each Tuesday from 4-5pm to build community, have a chance to decompress, and enjoy creative expression in a place where acceptance and understanding is the culture.

2021-VozYCorazon-Academy360 Updated
Voz y Corazon (CLOSED)
Hosted by MHCD

Voz Y corazon is a weekly free ART group that was designed by teens, for teens. Learn from a professional Artist and Mentor how to express yourself through art, make friends and develop strong self-esteem. No Art Skills Needed. 

Voz y Corazon - Art Group for teens (11-14 years old).

Facilitator Bio: Shaudae Bryant-Collins was raised in Montbello, attended Montbello high school and completed an undergrad at Regis University in West Denver, recently I received my masters. I am a part of the LGBT community, I am a teacher, artist, and advocate. As a contract artist with the Mental Health Center of Denver I have been a part of the Voz Y Corazon program for almost 9 years, and it has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life in Denver. Being an artist, myself who does print making and multimedia art. I love using art to get people connected and let them know how amazing they are. We all have hidden talents and we’re all worth it is my favorite motto.

Rhonda Juett Mobilize Template
Aging With Grace (55+) (CLOSED)
Hosted by Rhonda Juett

A.W.G is a gathering of any adult 55 or older who are interested in developing a social network who are committed to learning and practicing health, wellness, and life skills that will nourish your, mind, body, and spirit to maintain your best self as we continue our life journeys.

Mobilize Template- AIR Support Group
AIR (African, Immigrant, Refugee Senior Group (CLOSED)
Hosted by Florence Onabolu

This group is for AIR seniors looking to navigate the systems and be supported in their overall health and quality of life.

Week One: Health Promotion and Aging
Week Two: Paying Attention to Your Biology
Week Three: Empowering Older Adults
Week Four: Diversity & Aging
Week Five: Mental Health and Aging
Week Six: Public Health Policy & Aging

Mobilize Template- Darlene Sampson
She Ready! Black Women Matter (CLOSED)
Hosted by Dr. Darlene Sampson

 Black Women are asked to be all things to everybody. The Black Women’s Virtual Mental Wellness Workshop was created to provide a safe place for Black women to be in sistahood and in support of each other while telling our authentic truths about mental wellness. This is a safe space to connect and unwind, receive support, learn new perspectives, and leave with resources. Ultimately, our goal is to normalize discussions about mental wellness, build upon our strengths, and honor our resilience. Through spirituality, humor, camaraderie, and self-love, we together create a space of mental wellness.

Mobilize Template
Family Fun Wellness Friday (CLOSED)
Hosted by Academy 360 & MOC

Family Fun - Wellness Friday Camp is a one day a week opportunity for families to join Academy 360 in a summer camp experience. At least one adult is required to accompany the children for 4 hours of fun - including lunch. Every Friday from 9am-1pm Academy 360 will open their doors to community wellness and family fun. Families will engage in physical activities promoting movement and healthy heartrates and then a fun activity that is good for the mind body and soul! This fun activity can be Art, Movement, Dance, Drumming, Yoga - Each week will be a new surprise!