Montbello Alive!

Celebrating the resilience of the Montbello community. In September of every year the Montbello Community comes together to celebrate our diversity, togetherness and ability to work together to accomplish our goals! 

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Event Information


Montbello Alive! was created to celebrate a vibrant, diverse and resilient neighborhood and its residents. With a total population of just over 36,000 people, Montbello was the first major annexation of privately owned land (2,609 acres) to the far northeast of Denver, taking place in September of 1965.  That makes this historical community 57 years old and growing stronger every year. With 56% of the community living under Denver’s medium income of $60,000, Montbello residents have faced their share of challenges with infrastructure development, access to affordable housing, high performing educational institutions and most relevant, access to healthy foods and mental/physical wellness programs.  Those barriers never stopped the Montbello community from fighting for their basic rights and needs.

Because of the continued investment of residents in community led organizations like Montbello Organizing Committee, Struggle of Love Foundation, Montbello 2020 and Families Against Violent Acts, Montbello has become a leading example for community-driven organizing in the State of Colorado. Montbello Alive! is an event that celebrates the Dignity – Pride – Diversity of its residents by creating a space where people can have safe and entertaining fun with their families, friends and neighbors.

As this is the 8th annual Montbello Alive! event, we are excited to bring the community together for an in-person event that will highlight the diverse and unique cultural dynamics in the community through food, entertainment and family friendly activities.


On behalf of Montbello Organizing Committee, we would like to express how incredibly grateful we are for your participation and resilience. After more than a year of isolation we were able to overcome challenges and turn up together. We are Montbello strong!

A special thank you to our sponsors: The Athena Project, CityWide Bank, Councilwoman Gilmore, Councilman Herndon, City of Denver’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, The Confluence Center, Colorado Black Arts Movement, City of Denver’s Office of Children’s Affairs, Kiewit and Gilmore Construction. This event would have not been made possible without your generosity and support. Together we fed our neighbors, connected one another to resources, lifted each other up, and so much more.