Organizations of Montbello Pre-Survey

The Organizations of Montbello Summit is an annual gathering designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships among the diverse array of organizations that are in Montbello. Whether you're a business, nonprofit, school, or a cultural institution, your perspective is invaluable as we work together to shape the future of Montbello. As we gear up for an exciting and impactful event, we invite organizations from the community to share their insights and suggestions. This pre-survey serves as a crucial tool to understand the unique needs and goals that form the beating heart of Montbello.

Interest in Attending

On a scale of 1 to 5, how interested are you in attending this event? (1 being not interested, 5 being very interested)


Are you willing to attend the event if it's held outside of Montbello? Please select the option that best represents your situation, and feel free to add any specific needs or concerns:

Theme and Preferred Sessions

At our last event, we discussed various themes, and now we'd like your input to prioritize the ones you'd like to address at next year's event. Please select your top three choices from the following options


We're planning a range of activities for the upcoming event to ensure it meets your interests and needs. Please indicate your preferences by selecting the activities you'd like to see at the event:


Opportunities for Improvement

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