Multi-Modal Transportation

Understanding the needs of the community and meeting those needs is key to health community development and sustainability.

The Walkable Loop

The Loop is focused on building out a 6-mile walkable trail through Montbello’s residential area that links parks, schools, community gardens, and other features in the neighborhood. The intent is to improve health outcomes by adding components of safe walking trails, art installations, and access to fresh grown food. This work includes 26 community partners and has resulted in allocation of City funds to install bike lanes, crosswalks, and lighting. MOC manages a 3-year, $1mm grant from Colorado Health Foundation in support of this project with funds being distributed to partners to carry out specific areas of work.

The Walkable Loop design, planning and activation is done in collaboration with the following 26 FreshLo Partners:
Walkable Loop 2021_Partners w- improvements
Activating Community Spaces in Montbello

Summer on the Walkable Loop

Celebrate on the Montbello FreshLo Walkable Loop this summer with the Montbello Organizing Committee. Bring your bike 🚲 and a friend!
We will have music 🎶, free food 🍔🌭, and a lot of fun 🥳!
Please check back because the celebrations all take place at different locations:
*July 1st at McGlone Academy 13399 Albrook Dr
*July 23rd at the FreshLo Hub (former park-n-ride) 12300 Albrook Dr
*August 27th at Academy 360 12000 E 47th Ave