Ariel Henbest

Executive Assistant


Ariel Henbest is a well-rounded professional with extensive experience in various industries. Her career started with a bang when she completed the world championship ironman in 2008. After her victory, she joined the Marine Corps, where she worked alongside ambassadors in different countries, ensuring their security and hosting community events.

After leaving the Marine Corps in 2016, Ariel shifted to restaurant management, where she was responsible for reporting employee hours, pay, and accountability for beverage orders and account balances. Later, she moved into the mortgage industry, where she created, drafted policies and procedures for the servicing department, managed payments for taxes and insurance, and developed reports necessary for audits. In 2023, she joined the Montbello Organizing Committee as the Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Outside of work, Ariel enjoys engaging in arts and physical activities, finding peace of mind in stitching, and spending time with her two amazing dogs and friends. She believes in the power of community and the value of helping others succeed.

Ariel Henbest