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Community Engagement Specialist


Mersi enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations with older people, as well as spending quality time with their son and young adults in general. Mersi serves as a community relations professional at MOC and has a background in coordinating youth groups and summer camps, which they use to facilitate interactions with teenagers and their parents, fostering trust between them and their children. Mersi also has a strong passion for community engagement and resource connection, planning and overseeing community meetings, conferences, and events aimed at promoting involvement and collaboration. Additionally, Mersi is responsible for designing and implementing communication strategies to engage the community in various initiatives and activities, along with conducting surveys among the local population for different projects. Their tenure at the Honduran Mobile Consulate allowed Mersi to assist clients in obtaining official documents and fulfilling legal requirements efficiently. They also demonstrated perseverance in building and maintaining robust relationships with clients, government organizations, and other key collaborators, ultimately enhancing the consulate’s reputation and increasing client satisfaction.