Montbello Solutions

Montbello Solutions is a community driven wellness collaborative of organizations, providers and holistic wellness professionals determined to address the mental health needs of the community.

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Montbello Solutions Community Services

We offer no-cost group supports for community members. There are ongoing meetings and short term group meetings in addition to clinical and holistic support.
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Montbello Solutions is a one of a kind collaborative network comprised of partners organizations, and community service providers dedicated to bringing culturally relevant wellness options to the diverse Montbello Community and people of color. If you have a holistic wellness program that you would like to share with the community please fill out the PROVIDERS SERVICE PROPOSAL (linked below).


  • Submit a Proposal for Services – The proposal is an online form that allows providers to highlight the work they would like to do in the community and the impact their work will have on individuals. If the proposal is accepted, providers will then be required to submit the Memorandum of Agreement along with the required documentation.
  • Memorandum of Agreement (Providers)- The MOA is the official agreement of services between the Provider and Montbello Organizing Committee. Once the MOA and associated documentation is submitted, you’ll be in the position to receive payment for your group service.
  • Conditions of Payment- To receive payment for your group service providers must meet the conditions listed in the MOA. The 2 most important conditions are 1) Provision of ACCORD documentation listing MOC “Montbello Organizing Committee” as “Additionally Insured” on your liability insurance and 2) The recruitment of at least 8 individuals into your group service. (Providers are responsible for their own marketing and recruitment)
  • Marketing/Recruitment Support- Montbello Solutions uses a platform called Mobilize which generates social media registration links and allows hosts to communicate with individuals in their group. If you would like to use this platform to market your group service, it is available to network providers.
  • Reporting Numbers/ Demographics- As a requirement from the Mental Health grant funders, we are responsible for collecting demographic information about the individuals we serve. (This report must be submitted at the end of the 6-week session. If the report is not submitted, providers will not be considered for a second round of funding)
  • Participant Evaluations: As a requirement from funders, Providers are required to gather evaluation surveys from group participants. This survey helps evaluate an individual’s satisfaction and comfortability with the Montbello Solutions programs and their experience with group services. (Surveys must be collected from no less than 80% of all group participants to receive funding for a second round)


Fava Mobilize Template
Grief Support
Hosted by Families Against Violent Acts (FAVA)

The FAVA grief support group is an open support group that meets virtually (because of covid restrictions) on every Wednesday. The group is available to anyone who has suffered loss due to the death of a loved one. The group helps members to navigate their journey to healing by defining and sharing the stages of grief as well as allowing attendees to share their personal stories and ask questions regarding the exploration to healing.

We also discuss self care practices, learn about the physical and mental impacts of grief and provide external therapy resources (when requested).There are times when we expand our conversations to include topics such as health and wellness and self rediscovery.

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Struggle of Love Foundation Youth Programs

Struggle of Love Foundation is offering an Array of programs through the Love Center located on the 4th floor of Academy 360. 12000 E. 47th Ave. Denver ,CO 80239. 
Young Father's Workshop
Mentor and Leadership
Music Therapy
Rocky Mountain Soldierz Youth Sports Program
The Whimsical Factory of Global Thinkers
Kids Kreation's
Anime Comic Book
Learning Lab