Dianne Cooks

Miembro De La Junta


Dianne Cooks is a proud long-time 35-year resident of the Montbello neighborhood. Mother
of four grown kids and seven grandkid’s and raised 15 other kids who were not biologically
hers. Dianne worked for Denver Public Schools as Family Service worker for 30 years whereas
she retired in 2018 is why she is well known to many families in the community.
You could walk through any of the historically black and brown neighborhood in Denver
specially Montbello and be told by their residents about the good that Dianne does for the
community. All you need to do is attend one of Fava’s outreached programs. The Grief
support group, Get the Mess off your Chess and FAVA Annually Heal the Hood resource fair.
As the founder of FAVA, a non – profit organization, established in January 2006, was
developed as a result of senseless violent acts in the Denver community, to administer
preventative and assistance programs to families who have been affected by a violent act of
all kinds. Fava was created and began holding weekly support groups for families. Through
the years FAVA has expanded to include parents and family members of those on the other
side of the gun trigger – families of the shooters. Many believed that including families from
both sides would not work. But Dianne held strong in her belief that pain is pain, The loss of a
loved one is the same regardless of which side of the trigger your family is on, but the grief is

Dianne Cooks have been a part of the faith-based community for many years, which is an
integral part of the Montbello and far northeast Denver communities. She serves a myriad of
families throughout the greater Metropolitan Denver area administering several community
programs in the areas of education, health and wellness and many others. And she is the
founder who leads the Annual heal the Hood Community resource Fair. Dianne personally
oversees the events and works tirelessly each year to ensure its success and effectiveness.
Dianne continues to develop innovative ways to impact her community and that is most
evident in FAVA’s partnerships. Everything Dianne do with partners and families is about
trust and relationship.

Dianne Cooks